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Poetry Research Paper on Langston Hughes

He started writing at a tender age of seventeen, and wrote poems mostly touching on the life of the black American. In his poetry and fiction, he portrayed the lives of Blacks as full of not only struggles but also joy accompanied by laughter and sometimes music.

4 pages (1000 words)Essay

Langston Hughes Negro

The poem by Langston Hughes is in homage to the depth and strength of the soul of the black people. It was published in 1921, when black people were still referred to as Negroes and were subjected to racist prejudice. Langston Hughes wrote the poem when he was only 17 and dedicated it to W.

3 pages (750 words)Essay

The Weary Blues and The Negro Speakers of Rivers by Langston Hughes

Hughes has tried to depict his own sad state of mind through this poem, which he goes through because of being a Negro. The poet begins by telling that he/narrator heard a musician playing a piano a couple of nights ago. The musician was so immersed in playing a blues song that simply shook the narrator in a very melodramatic way.

3 pages (750 words)Essay

Harlem Renaissance Poets

This was the place he was going to live with his father for the rest of the year. When the train crossed the Mississippi River, Hughes drew much inspiration from its beauty while he was actually reminded of the integral roles towards sustaining the levels of slavery in America.

4 pages (1000 words)Essay

Langston Hughes College Essay

Hughes had the ability to write about black without speaking of race and talk about poverty without mentioning class. He has at times been revered as an important American artist and again marginalized in the shadows of the other great writers of the period.

7 pages (1750 words)Essay

Langston Hughes' Poem

Over time, this discourse of spatial signing has evolved into a literary strategy of allusion to a diversity of symbolic and spiritual spaces in the figurative practice of black writers. Allusions to the Old Testament iconography of place by which enslaved blacks identified themselves with the enslaved Israelites in Egypt and Babylon in the geography of their song reverberate distinctively in "The Negro Speaks of Rivers," the debut poem young Langston Hughes scribbled on an envelope as the train taking him to another summer in Mexico with his father crossed the Mississippi.

2 pages (500 words)Essay

Langston Hughes: The Harlem Renaissance Genius

" the vernacular encompasses vigorous, dynamic processes of expression, past and present. It makes up a rich store house of material wherein the values, styles, and character types of black American life are reflected in language that is highly energized and often marvelously eloquent1."

6 pages (1500 words)Essay

Comparison between August Wilson and Langston Hughes

While their works can be scathing criticism of racism and often tend to dwell upon the repercussions of past traumatic racial incidents, their works also celebrate the joy of music, food, stories, humor, and love. Many critics consider the faithful representation of Black vernacular speech as emblematic of Hughes' writing.

6 pages (1500 words)Essay

Explication of a poem

Having this understand will enable us to understand better what he meant by the river of which he profusely spoke of in the poem “The Negro Speaks of Rivers”. The river was a metaphor of the Negroes collective

2 pages (500 words)Essay


Indeed, he presents himself as a universal figure addressing the audience. The approach of African-Americans historical journey is evident in the poem. The poem addresses African-Americans historical identity as seen in the images used in the poem. The poet

2 pages (500 words)Essay

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