Cover Letter For Board Application Forms

Dear Ms. Walker,

I would like to apply for the position of Board Member with the Empowered Girls Project. I am an active community member with a background in human services and would love the chance to give back by lending my advisory skills to an organization such as yours.

I am a Psychologist by profession and work with clients on an individual basis to explore personal issues and to work toward achieving personal goals. I have a strong background in human development and possess a broad range of counseling skills. In addition one of my areas of expertise is in counseling adolescent females. With this background and knowledge I believe I would serve as an excellent adviser and Board Member to your organization. I’ve been praised for my ability to reach people who’ve built up walls of self protection and other such defense mechanisms. I would be thrilled to have the opportunity to serve on your board and put my knowledge to use.

I am confident you’ll find me a good fit for your needs as a Board Member to the Empowered Girls Project. Please contact me by phone or email at a convenient time for you so that we may set up an in-person meeting. I look forward to hearing from you and thank you so much for your time.


Tara Straub

CHECKLISTS (for researchers)



Additional PersonnelComplete this form to list more additional investigators or key personnel for protocol applications.
Modification FormComplete this form if you need to make changes to an existing approved protocol application.
Renewal FormComplete this form to renew your expedited or full board protocol application for an additional year.
Final Report FormComplete this form if you have completed research involving human subjects.
Incident Report FormComplete this form if an unanticipated or adverse even has occurred.




Recruitment EmailExample of a recruitment email for adult participants.
Recruitment ScriptExample of what a researcher would say to recruit adult participants in person or over the phone.
Recruitment FlyerSample flyer for posting research study around campus, offices, etc.


Principal Acknowledgement LetterSample language that should be used when asking for permission to conduct research in K-12 schools.
Site Authorization LetterIf your research will take place with an organization outside Boise State, you must obtain permission from that organization.
Interview/Focus Group ScriptExample of how to structure an interview or focus group. The IRB must see a script for your interviews and/or focus groups as part of their review.


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