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This article is about the book by Stephen King. For the television series based on the book, see 11.22.63. For the date, see November 1963 § November 22, 1963 (Friday). For other uses, see 11-22-63.

11/22/63 is a novel by Stephen King about a time traveler who attempts to prevent the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, which occurred on November 22, 1963 (the novel's titular date). It is the 60th book published by Stephen King, his 49th novel and the 42nd under his own name. The novel was announced on King's official site on March 2, 2011.[1] A short excerpt was released online on June 1, 2011,[2] and another excerpt was published in the October 28, 2011, issue of Entertainment Weekly.[3] The novel was published on November 8, 2011[4] and quickly became a number-one bestseller. It stayed on The New York Times Best Seller list for 16 weeks.[5]11/22/63 won the 2011 Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Best Mystery/Thriller and the 2012 International Thriller Writers Award for Best Novel,[6][7] and was nominated for the 2012 British Fantasy Award for Best Novel[8] and the 2012 Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel.[9]

The novel required considerable research to accurately portray the late 1950s and early 1960s.[10] King commented on the amount of research it required, saying "I've never tried to write anything like this before. It was really strange at first, like breaking in a new pair of shoes."[10]

The novel was adapted into a 2016 Hulu television series, 11.22.63.


According to King, the idea for the novel first came to him in 1971,[11] before the release of his first novel, Carrie (1974). He was going to title it Split Track. However, he felt a historical novel required more research than he was willing to do at the time and greater literary talent than he possessed.[10] Like his novel Under the Dome (2009), he abandoned the project, returning to the story later in life.[12]

King first talked publicly about the idea in Marvel Spotlight issue The Dark Tower (January 27, 2007), prior to the beginning of the ongoing comic book adaptation of King's Dark Tower series. In a piece in the magazine titled "An Open Letter From Stephen King", he writes about possible original ideas for comics:

I'd like to tell a time-travel story where this guy finds a diner that connects to 1958... you always go back to the same day. So one day he goes back and just stays. Leaves his 2007 life behind. His goal? To get up to November 22, 1963, and stop Lee Harvey Oswald. He does, and he's convinced he's just FIXED THE WORLD. But when he goes back to '07, the world's a nuclear slag-heap. Not good to fool with Father Time. So then he has to go back again and stop himself..... only he's taken on a fatal dose of radiation, so it's a race against time.[13]

Commenting on the book as historical fiction, King said: "This might be a book where we really have a chance to get an audience who's not my ordinary audience. Instead of people who read horror stories, people who read The Help or People of the Book might like this book".[10]

King and longtime researcher Russ Dorr prepared for the novel by reading many historical documents and newspaper archives from the period, looking at clothing and appliance ads, sports scores, and television listings.[10] The book contains detailed minutiae such as the 1958 price of a pint of root beer (10 cents) or a haircut (40 cents). King and Dorr traveled to Dallas, where they visited Oswald's apartment building (now a private residence), found the home of Gen. Edwin Walker (a target of an assassination attempt by Oswald), and had a private tour of the Sixth Floor Museum in the Texas School Book Depository.[10] King studied various conspiracy theories, ultimately coming to the conclusion that Oswald acted alone.[10] King met with historian Doris Kearns Goodwin, an assistant to Lyndon B. Johnson and the author of books about several presidents, and used some of her ideas of worst-case political scenarios that might occur in the absence of Kennedy's assassination.[10]


The trade hardcover edition features a dust jacket that is a faux newspaper front page, with the front of the jacket featuring an article recounting the real historical event of Kennedy's assassination, and the back featuring an alternate history article speaking of the event as just a failed assassination attempt that Kennedy survives unscathed. The newspaper headlines were written by Stephen King.[14] In addition to the regular trade edition, Scribner produced a signed limited edition of 1,000 copies, 850 of which were made available for sale beginning on November 8, 2011 (ISBN 978-1-4516-6385-3).[15] This edition features a different dust jacket, exclusive chapter-heading photos, and a DVD. Due to a website problem on November 8, most copies remained unsold and a drawing ran from November 10 to 11 to sell the remaining copies.[16]

There was also a limited edition of 700 published in the United Kingdom. It was a slipcased hardcover with deluxe binding, photographic endpapers, and a facsimile signature, and included a DVD.[17]

On July 24, 2012, Gallery Books published a trade paperback edition of the novel (ISBN 978-1451627299), which contains an additional "book club kit", featuring an interview with Stephen King about 11/22/63, a set of discussion questions, and a period playlist with King's commentary and recipes.[18]


Jake Epping is a recently divorced high school English teacher in Lisbon Falls, Maine, earning extra money teaching a GED class. Epping gives an assignment to his adult students, asking them to write about a day that changed their lives. One of the students, a learning-impaired janitor named Harry Dunning, submits an assignment describing the night his alcoholic father murdered his mother and siblings with a hammer and injured Harry, causing him brain damage; the story emotionally affects Jake, and the two become friends after Harry earns his GED.

Two years later, in June 2011, Jake stops by a local diner and speaks with the proprietor, Al, who asks Jake to meet him at his diner the next day. When Jake arrives, he is shocked to see that Al seems to have aged years since the previous day. Al explains that he is dying and that his appearance is attributable to his having time traveled and lived for years in the past. Al's method of time travel is a time portal he discovered in his diner's pantry, which he used to transport himself to 1958. Doubting Al's story at first, Jake travels through the portal, where he encounters an addled wino whom Al has dubbed the "Yellow Card Man" due to the color of a card on the man's hat. Jake spends an hour in 1958 before returning to the present, after which Al explains that he's figured out the basics of how the portal functions:

  • Every journey through the portal transports the traveler to September 9, 1958, at 11:58 a.m.
  • No matter how long someone stays in the past—hours, days, weeks, or years—only two minutes have elapsed when they return to 2011.
  • Past events can be changed; however, subsequent use of the portal "resets" the timeline and nullifies all changes made on the previous excursion.
  • The "obdurate" past throws up obstacles to prevent history from being changed. Such resistance is proportional to the magnitude of the change.

Al reveals that after discovering the portal, he'd concocted a plan to change the past by preventing John F. Kennedy's assassination, hoping that doing so would change history for the better, as he attributed many bad things that happened in the world to events that would not have occurred had JFK lived. He spent four years in the past after entering the portal the previous night, traveling to Dallas, Texas to track Lee Harvey Oswald, plotting to kill the would-be assassin during his attempted murder of General Edwin Walker. His delay was due to the fact that he wanted to be absolutely sure that Oswald was a killer and would act alone. Al developed cancer, so he had to give up his mission, knowing he would not live long enough to complete it. He recruits a reluctant Jake to complete the task instead.

As an experiment, Jake travels back to 1958 to Derry, Maine to save Harry's family, who will be killed by his father, Frank Dunning, on Halloween night. Despite many obstacles, he succeeds in saving all but one of Harry's siblings, then returns to 2011 hopeful he improved Harry's life, only to learn his actions led to Harry dying in Vietnam. While Jake is still trying to process this information, Al commits suicide, forcing Jake to act immediately, before the death becomes known and the diner sealed.

With no preparation, Jake re-enters the portal and discovers that the "Yellow Card Man" has cut his own throat and the yellow card is now black. He ignores it and goes to Derry to kill Frank ahead of Frank's murderous rampage. After resolving one of Al's other missions—preventing a hunter from accidentally shooting a little girl—Jake makes his way, first to Florida, then to the small Dallas-area town of Jodie to wait for Oswald's arrival. Jake spends years establishing his identity in the late 1950s and early 1960s, but comes to suspect history "harmonizes"—he keeps coming into contact with people of the same name, with similar events. He suspects saving one life may result in another person dying in their stead, for example. While in Dallas he meets librarian Sadie Dunhill; the two begin a relationship. Their relationship becomes strained as Sadie is suspicious of Jake's use of colloquialisms and knowledge of "Honky Tonk Women" by the Rolling Stones, a song which hasn't been written yet. However Jake rescues her from a near fatal overdose as well as an assault by her ex-husband Johnny Clayton. After successfully predicting the outcome of the Cuban Missile Crisis, he eventually tells her he is from the future.

Before this, Jake actively stalks Oswald, renting apartments near those of the Oswalds. He begins to wonder if Oswald's only friend in Dallas, George de Mohrenschildt, may somehow be involved in the assassination, and thus hesitates to kill Oswald ahead of time. He thinks de Mohrenschildt is a CIA resource who is supposed to keep an eye on Oswald, but may also be egging Oswald on to kill first General Walker, then JFK. Jake resolves to wait until the Walker attempted assassination before killing Oswald. However, he is unable to learn certain facts and is prevented from accessing several opportunities to kill Oswald.

Finally, the situation comes to November 22, 1963. With everything going wrong in order to prevent him from his date with destiny, Jake is only able to reach Oswald's sniper's nest at the Texas School Book Depository moments before Kennedy's motorcade drives through Dealey Plaza. Nevertheless, he successfully prevents Oswald from shooting Kennedy. In a rage, Oswald fires at Jake, who falls down due to his leg injury. The shot misses and mortally wounds Sadie, now Jake's fiancée, who came to help him. The noise of the confrontation draws the attention of the United States Secret Service and police, who fire through the window from the outside, killing Oswald. Sadie dies in Jake's arms. Jake immediately becomes a national hero, and is personally thanked by President Kennedy and his wife. Agonized over Sadie's death, Jake resolves to return to 2011 and back to 1958 in order to repeat his journey in order to save both Kennedy and Sadie. The FBI suggests arranges for Jake's disappearance from the public eye. With the FBI's help he leaves Dallas by bus late on the night of Nov 22, and after he returns to New England, he learns that on Nov 25, a massive earthquake in Los Angeles has killed thousands. Jake realizes that it is a direct result of his actions.

When he gets to the portal, the Yellow Card Man has been replaced by Zack Lang, a respectable looking man with a Green Card. Zack explains that traveling through the portal does not change the past, but creates multiple "time strings", stretching the bonds of reality. Guarding it is difficult, because the men dispatched to do so must keep myriad realities in their minds at all times (the cards function as a form of radiation detector: a green card indicates the agent is healthy, but as they deteriorate, the card changes to yellow, then to orange, and finally to black). The process is so stressful that it drives most agents to mental illness, alcoholism and eventually suicide, like Kyle, the previous agent. Zack begs Jake to set things right again, or reality itself will cease to exist. He instructs Jake to return to 2011 and witness the damage his interference has caused history.

When Jake steps back through the portal, he sees Lisbon Falls is now in ruins, partially due to Vermont Yankee having "went China Syndrome" in 1999, spreading radiation across New England and southern Quebec. Furthermore, there continue to be frequent, massive earthquakes everywhere due to the interference in history. Jake meets a familiar looking man who turns out to be Harry Dunning, whose life he saved long ago. No longer a brain-damaged janitor, he is a wheelchair-bound Vietnam vet who was paralyzed during the war. Harry tells Jake a concise and disturbing history of the world between 1963 and 2011. John F. Kennedy went on to narrowly win a second term but was unable to bring about the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as Lyndon B. Johnson had. This led to increased racial tensions and riots in the U.S., especially after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. (in Chicago by FBI Agent Dwight Holly in this timeline). Kennedy also refused to commit to action in Vietnam but his successor, George Wallace, reversed this course and used nuclear weapons on Hanoi in response to the fall of Saigon. This and other incidents led to more instability all over the world, including frequent use of nuclear weapons by terrorists and a nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan in the early 1970s. The Soviet Union experiences a total financial collapse in the early 1980s.

Jake quickly returns to 1958 and finds Zack much worse for wear. He tells Jake he must now go back to 2011 (since all of Jake's changes are now undone), and ensure the portal is closed. Instead, Jake goes to a hotel and contemplates returning to Texas and Sadie. Ultimately, he returns to his own time, having made no major changes this time. Looking up old records on the Internet, Jake learns that Sadie survived the attack by her ex-husband which she had only survived before by his rescuing her with the assistance of Deacon and Ellen Dockerty, another mutual friend.

Jake goes back to Jodie, where Sadie is in her 80s and is being honored by the town with a celebration. In this timeline Sadie has no former memory of Jake, but she experiences deja vu when he speaks to her. The two share a dance.

Alternative ending[edit]

Stephen King published an alternative ending on his official website on January 24, 2012, in which Jake finds a November 2011 news article where Sadie has turned 80. She had married a man named Trevor Anderson, with whom she has five children, eleven grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren. This ending was changed to the published version at the suggestion of King's son, writer Joe Hill.[19]



Jacob "Jake" Epping
An English teacher at Lisbon Falls High School in Maine. Jake uses the alias of "George Amberson" to travel back to 1958, make his way to Texas, and track Lee Harvey Oswald's movements in the months leading up to the Kennedy assassination. Part of Jake's time is spent in Jodie, a small town on the outskirts of Dallas; there, he becomes an English teacher for a consolidated school and becomes well-liked by the students and faculty for his stage productions. Jake is eventually successful in foiling the assassination, but learns that doing so has set his 21st century world on a catastrophic path.
Al Templeton
The middle-aged proprietor of Al's Diner and long-time acquaintance of Jake. He shares the secret of his time portal, and his plan to prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy, with Jake. His plan to do this himself has been thwarted by his cigarette smoking leading to terminal lung cancer. He motivates Jake to carry out his plan by committing suicide by overdosing on his pain medication.
Harry Dunning
A janitor at Lisbon Falls High School and student in Jake's evening GED class. His submission of a paper about the night his father murdered his mother and siblings with a hammer, provides Jake with motivation and a test case to see if history can be changed. In Jake's second time thread, most of his family members are saved, but Harry serves in the Vietnam War and is killed in the Tet Offensive. In Jake's third time thread, Harry survives Vietnam, but is wheelchair-bound and living alone in a ruined Lisbon Falls.
Frank Dunning
The father of Harry Dunning. After reading Harry's essay about Frank killing his wife (Harry's mother), two of Harry's brothers and hurting Harry badly while leaving his sister in a coma, Jake sets out to murder Frank to prevent him from causing the killing to happen.
Deacon Simmons ("Deke")
The principal of Denholm Consolidated High School in Jodie, Texas, who hires "George Amberson" to teach English for a probationary year. Marries Mimi Corcoran and retires. Becomes Jake's good friend, and one of only two 1960s people in whom Jake confides his mission to save JFK.
Mimi Corcoran Simmons ("Miz Mimi")
The DCHS librarian who is Deke's girlfriend and briefly becomes his second wife, until her death from cancer. Miz Mimi takes a liking to "George" and becomes one of his good friends in 1960s.
Sadie Dunhill
From Savannah, Georgia, replaces Miz Mimi as DCHS librarian. She has run away from her abusive and psychotic husband, Johnny; becomes Jake's lover and fiancée. She travels to Reno to get a divorce from Johnny, but he tracks her down to Jodie and holds her hostage to lure Jake. Jake frees Sadie, who is severely disfigured during the ordeal; Johnny commits suicide. Jake and Sadie reconcile, and Sadie ends up helping Jake prevent Oswald from shooting Kennedy. She is killed in the confrontation at the Texas Book Depository, but comes back to life once Jake "resets" the timeline by going through the portal. She survives Johnny's rampage without Jake's help and is still alive in April 2012.
Ellen Dockerty ("Miz Ellie")
An experienced DCHS teacher who replaces Deke Simmons as principal. Becomes a good friend of Sadie and "George" and admires the latter as a teacher, but is troubled when she discovers his teaching references are fake. She becomes angry at his refusal to tell Sadie what he is up to, but remains Jake's ally when he and Sadie are injured.


Lee Harvey Oswald
A former expatriate to the Soviet Union, living in a series of squalid residences in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with his wife and child. Oswald, who is vocal about his support for Communist causes, is depicted as an ill-tempered loner who acts out of a self-absorbed desire for fame. In the alternate timeline, Oswald's attempt to kill Kennedy is thwarted by Jake and Sadie, and he is killed by outside fire in his sniper's nest at the Texas School Book Depository.
Marina Nikolayevna Prusakova
A Soviet immigrant and Oswald's wife. Marina is depicted as being a victim of her husband's physical and verbal abuse, as well the abuse of Oswald's domineering mother, Marguerite. She is depicted as a very sexually attractive woman.
George de Mohrenschildt
A Soviet expatriate who becomes a friend of Oswald's, inciting the would-be assassin with hyperbolic political rhetoric. Jake eventually realizes, however, that de Mohrenschildt is an apolitical eccentric who merely finds Oswald "amusing". Jake poses as a government agent and threatens de Mohrenschildt into ending his association with Oswald.
James Patrick Hosty
An FBI agent who interrogates Jake following the assassination attempt. Hosty eventually allows Jake to leave Dallas, mostly out of a desire to avoid responsibility for his previous failure to properly investigate Oswald.
Malcolm Oliver Perry
A doctor who treats Jake after his beating. In real life, Perry treated President Kennedy as well as Oswald.

Other historical characters depicted in the book include President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, who offer their gratitude to Jake during telephone calls following the assassination attempt. In the alternate timeline after the failed assassination, Kennedy is re-elected in 1964 and dies in 1983. George Wallace, Curtis LeMay and Hubert Humphrey occupy the Oval Office after Kennedy finishes his second term; Ronald Reagan defeats Humphrey in the 1976 election. Hillary Clinton is President when Jake discovers the dystopia of 2011. Legendary Texas musician Doug Sahm is portrayed as a young man playing with his band at the wedding reception for Deke and Mimi in 1961.

Critical reception[edit]

The reviews for 11/22/63 have been generally positive, with The New York Times selecting the novel as one of its top five fiction books of the year[20] and the Las Vegas Review-Journal calling 11/22/63 King's "best novel in more than a decade".[21] The review aggregate site Metacritic judged 30 out of 36 reviews as positive, with four mixed and two negative.[22]NPR book critic Alan Cheuse found no fault with the structure, commenting: "I wouldn't have [King] change a single page."[23]USA Today gave the novel four out of four stars, noting the novel retains the suspenseful tension of King's earlier works but is not of the same genre. "[The novel] is not typical Stephen King."[24]Janet Maslin of The New York Times also commented on the genre change and pacing but felt the writer has built the narrative tightly enough for the reader to suspend disbelief. "The pages of '11/22/63' fly by, filled with immediacy, pathos and suspense. It takes great brazenness to go anywhere near this subject matter. But it takes great skill to make this story even remotely credible. Mr. King makes it all look easy, which is surely his book’s fanciest trick."[25] The review in the Houston Chronicle called the novel "one of King’s best books in a long time" but "overlong", noting: "As is usually the case with King’s longer books, there’s a lot of self-indulgent fat in 11/22/63 that could have been trimmed."[26] The review in the Bangor Daily News commented that the novel "[is] another winner",[27] but provided no critical review of the plot construction. Lev Grossman, in reviewing the novel for Time, called the novel "the work of a master craftsman" but commented that "the wires go slack from time to time" and the book wanders from genre to genre, particularly in the middle.[28] More pointedly, Los Angeles Times book critic David Ulin called the novel "a misguided effort in story and writing"; Ulin's primary criticism is the conceit of the story, which requires the reader to follow two plotlines simultaneously – historical fiction built upon the Kennedy assassination as well as the tale of a time traveling English teacher – which adds a page load to the novel that Ulin found excessive.[29]

Awards and honors[edit]


Main article: 11.22.63

On September 22, 2014, it was announced that a TV series based on the novel was picked up by Hulu.[30]James Franco was chosen to star as the character of Jake Epping.[31] The series premiered on President's Day, February 15, 2016, and was met with mostly positive reviews.[32]

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4-28 Friday
  • SSR - I will collect reading logs for a graded reading progress check
  • 2nd reminder - You cannot participate in the Socratic Seminar if you don't turn in both note packets. 
4-27 Thursday - If you know you will be absent Friday, bring your reading log to me beforehand.
  • Poetry lesson continued.  See copies of the handouts and poems on yesterday's entry.  This is due May 4
  • If you didn't turn in your TWO Socratic Seminar note packets yesterday, do so today.  Friday latest.
4-26 Wednesday
  • Because of One-Acts we are taking a break from the seminar until next week   If you haven't finished the notes packets, though, be sure to do them and get them turned in tomorrow.  We've been working on these since April 18th.  They should be done by now.
  • Poetry lesson - how to analyze a poem using the SIFT method.
  • Pizza party for 6th period.  They will have to do this lesson on Friday and have a shorter SSR period.  Thank you to parents who helped out financially (and with sodas!)  You know who you are.  :)
  • Extra credit opportunity - read all 5 poems and do a SIFT analysis for each.  5-10 points for each, depending on how well done and if your work is original.
  • LA alternative for those who exceeded the benchmark.  This is optional of course.  You may do another literary analysis if you'd prefer.  Come see me about reading the play, "A Raisin in the Sun" and then comparing it to the poem, "Harlem."
2-21- Tuesday 
  • vocab, due Monday
  • I will be here after school to help students
2-20- Monday  - No school
1-31,  Tuesday-  
1-27,  Friday-  
  • SSR - second one for new quarter.
1-20,  Friday-  (Happy almost birthday to Ms. J - which is tomorrow)
  • SSR - first one for new quarter.
1-19,  Thursday-
  • Short write - advice to Ms. J for how to improve teaching writing and getting kids to DO the writing assignments. 
  • Turn in signed reading log!

  • Return argument essays.  Students will copy comments I made into their composition notebooks to help them focus on what she said.  My notes are a teaching tool and you should pay attention to them in order to improve to the next level.

  • Work time to improve your essay - or for those who haven't yet turned it in, to work on it.  If that is done, work on missing assignments, if any.  If none, you will have free reading time.  Yay you.
1-18,  Wednesday- return from Icemageggon
  • Turn in AF worksheet A1 S4-5
  • Remember that reading logs are due tomorrow, even with snow days you've had many weeks to accomplish your reading, and many days away from school where you had nothing but time.

  • Because it was short periods and late start, Ms. J. shared action research showing correlation between writing success and actually doing the writing.  This should not be a surprise.  Do each assignment to the best of your own ability, and you will be a successful student.
  • Tomorrow we will have time to work on improving the argument essay.  If you didn't do yours, you will have the time to do it then.  Students who met or exceeded the benchmark can work on other assignments and/or read.
1-12,  Friday- snow day.  Monday and Tuesday also.  Yikes
  • Turn in AF worksheet A1 S4-5
  • SSR
1-11,  Wednesday-
  • Continue reading Anne Frank
1-10 - Tuesday
  • Because of snow day, do what was scheduled for Monday
1-9,  Monday- oops - snow day
  • MAZE test
  • mini-lesson on writing an argument essay
  • Begin Act 2 in Anne Frank
  • Turn in worksheet for A! S1-3
1-6,  Friday-
  • SSR
  • Turn in Snowflake story
  • ​Remember to finish the AF Worksheet this weekend
1-5,  Thursday-
  • Read Anne Frank through Act 1
  • Worksheet - A1 S1-3 due Monday.  Work on in class, then it's homework.  Use a separate sheet of paper for this one (or Google docs).
  • Worksheet - A1 S4-5 due next Friday.  Work on it whenever you have free time in class.  Otherwise homework.  You may answer on the paper for this one - or use gdocs.
1-4,  Wednesday-
  • Read Anne Frank 
1-3,  Tuesday - Welcome back!
12-16,  Friday- Have a wonderful winter holiday break.   Be sure to read!
  • SSR - if you are going to absent it is essential that I see your log before you go.  Because we missed last week SSR, it would otherwise be a month before I see them.
12-14,  Wednesday
  • Turn in BES and literary analysis
  • make sure you have enough reading material for over break.
  • read Anne Frank
12-13,  Tuesday
  • Read Anne Frank
  • Remember that BES and literary analysis are due tomorrow
  • I cannot help kids after school as planned because I have a parent meeting (required).  I am so sorry!  Maybe Thursday.  Come talk to me.
  • If you didn't get your super late POS work turned in by this morning, come see me about an alternate assignment for partical credit.
12-12,  Monday
  • Read Anne Frank
  • Remember that BES and literary analysis are due on Wednesday
12-9  Friday - another surprise snow day!
  • SSR  (Unless we had a snow day Thursday, in which case we'll read Anne Frank instead.)
12-8  Thursday - surprise snow day
  • Read Anne Frank.  If we are home due to snow, read.  We will consider that our SSR for this week and read AF on Friday.  If we do have school, we'll have SSR on Friday as usual.
  • If you didn't turn in your argument essay, or the notes, or a rough draft, you need to get on that right away. 
  • The literary analysis and Book Events Sheet are both due next Wednesday, December 14.
12-7  Wednesday
  • Read Anne Frank.  We got through scene 2 today, so if you were absent, read it right away so you understand what's going on.  Each scene is linked on my Anne Frank page.
12-6  Tuesday
  • Work on packet.  If you are absent or couldn't take notes fast enough, check the Anne Frank page for notes.
12-5,  Monday
  • Preview scene 1
  • Begin reading Anne Frank - we will skip vocab this week so we can get started with AF.  The quiz will be next Monday.  If you lost which parts you have, please look them up under the assignments tab above.  Select the Anne Frank page.

  • After scene 1 we will take some time to complete parts of the packet.
12-2,  Friday
  • SSR.  I will do a graded check to show progress and if students are on track.  This will be worth 10 points whereas the end-of-the-quarter grade is 60 points. 
12-1,  Thursday
  • Hand out Anne Frank packets.  Work on notes together.
11-30,  Wednesday   (I have a half-day sub to do some literacy work with other teachers.)
  • vocab quiz
  • composition notebook - list the things you wrong bring into hiding if you had just overnight to prepare and could take only one regular sized backpack.  It would be if you were going into hiding in this time (not Anne's).  Remember that if you arouse suspicion you will likely be arrested and sent to a concentration camp.  You will wear several layers of clothes, and assume that food will be provided.
  • Return TTH post-test.  If you are not happy with your grade, in order to do a retake you must show me your composition notebook where you took complete notes.  (If you didn't, the notes are here to copy.)  Also, you must have done the worksheet.  After those 2 things are done, you may retake the test.   Also, to be helpful, here is a copy of the test key.  (You will not be taking the exact same test.)
11-29,  Tuesday - Welcome back!   (We could sure use some pretzels!)
  • 5 new vocab words
  • vocab quiz will be tomorrow.  After this many days off we need a review.
  • Get reading goals and Anne Frank parts requests from students who were absent.
  • mini lesson on Tell Tale Heart literary elements.  Put these into your composition notebook. 
  • finish historical context notes if time.
11-28,  Monday
  • Teacher professional development.
11-25,  Friday
  • Holiday weekend - be sure to read, and be thankful for awesome books.
11-24,  Thursday - Happy Thanksgiving.  I am thankful for my students and the honor of teaching them.  I am also thankful to be an American.
11-23,  Wednesday
  • SSR and end-of-quarter celebration/prizes for top achievers.
11-22,  Tuesday
  • Historical context lecture for Anne Frank.  Take notes.
11-21,  Monday
  • vocab quiz
  • 5 new words
  • students work on vocab sheet or SAT prep, as appropriate. 
11-17,  Thursday  (I am in Atlanta at a national conference, making a presentation.  I will return on Wednesday.)
  • Write essay - due Tuesday
  • If this is done on Google docs, students must share it with me and give me editing permission so I can see their writing process and edits.
11-16,  Wednesday
  • Writing process lesson.
  • Reflection quarter 1 - due tomorrow
  • Student choice of persuasive writing topic.  Articles handed out.  Today students carefully read the article and make annotations and other notes.  They have learned this in Social Studies.
11-15,  Tuesday
  • Return vocab final.  If want to improve score, gave option to write sentences showing meaning for items missed for 1/2 credit each. 
  • SAT analogy lesson to those exceeding the standard in vocab Q1 - this is also optional.
  • Most of the period was work time for VS or improving vocab final score.
11-14,  Monday
  • 5 new vocab words
  • Return papers - discuss Q2 and upcoming plans
  • Vocab sheets - writing sentences for context (standards grade explained).
  • New seating chart
11-11,  Happy Veteran's Day.   Thank you veterans for your service and keeping America safe and free.
11-10,  Thursday - grading day

11-9,  Wednesday
  • Remember to read over the next few days!
  • The possibility exists that we will have SSR instead.  Of course, you should always have your book and reading log in class, but be sure to bring it today in case.
11-8,  Tuesday
  • Tell-tale Heart final
  • Turn in POS task cards activity.
11-7,  Monday
  • Vocab final.  Study all words (weekly and academic).  Parts of speech questions, connotations questions, and antonym questions will be included.  This will go on next quarter's gradebook.
11-4,  Friday
  • SSR
  • Check the vocab page for practice sets for vocab final on Monday
11-3,  Thursday
  • Turn in TTH Q's
  • Complete Anne Frank parts request
  • POS activity (unless exempt from pre-test).  Two handouts.  One is the examples, one is the tally sheet for answers.  Due Tuesday.  This one is not group work and I would like you to figure them out yourselves without checking a dictionary or online.  That is the only way you will really learn them.
11-2,  Wednesday
  • Work on TTH worksheet - ADD to it on the back, 3 examples of repetition, 2 examples of metaphors, and 3 examples of similes.  Add the page number, but a bulleted list is okay.  
  • Tell-tale Heart story.
10-31,  Monday
  • vocab quiz
  • turn in vocab sheet
  • 5 new words
  • work on (should finish) new vocab sheet
10-28,  Friday
  • SSR - first one for new quarter.
  • Note that I have links to Tell-tale Heart vocab and lit terms on the vocab page of this website.
10-27,  Thursday
  • Tell-tale Heart notes packet is due.
  • Signed reading log is due.  Ms. J is having mercy and will accept for full credit tomorrow because she was absent yesterday. 
  • Students performed or shared their skits or drawings.  Turn in for daily work grade.
  • New reading log distributed.  Due date is January 19
  • New BES distributed.  Due date for that and literary analysis is December 14
  • Reading rubric distributed and analyzed for grade requirement clarification.
10-26,  Wednesday
  • Tell-tale Heart notes packet work continues.  Due tomorrow.
  • Sub will put students into pre-assigned work groups to come up with a skit or drawing for the word assigned - to share with class tomorrow.  If you are absent, come see me and I will give you a word to create a drawing of.
10-25,  Tuesday
  • Tell-tale Heart notes packet work continues.  Sub will give definitions, students are to come up with examples and sentences as requested.  If absent, here are the notes. 
10-24,  Monday
  • vocab quiz​
  • turn in vocab sheet
  • work on new vocab sheet
10-19,  Thursday and Friday
  • Conferences - these are on a drop-in basis and must be limited to 5 minutes each.  If you have need of a longer conference, please let us know and we will set up a time.

  • Students should use the time at home to read and work on vocabulary and any missing assignments.
10-19,  Wednesday
  • Worksheet for Tell-tale Heart.  When finished either SSR or extra work time for missing work.
10-18,  Tuesday
  • Irony lesson
  • go over vocabulary and literary terms/devices  in Tell-tale Heart

10-17,  Monday
  • vocab quiz
  • 5 new vocab words
  • Tell-tale Heart pre-test
10-12,  Wednesday -
  • Work day for literary analysis, which is due next Wednesday.
  • ​Students who have not yet finished a book had the period to read.
  • I will be here after school on Monday and Tuesday for students needing individual help with the literary analysis.
10-11,  Tuesday -
  • How to write a literary analysis
  • ​handouts - list of theme/topics, frame for writing your LA, directions, rubric
  • warm up - list the parts of speech in your composition notebook (all 8).  From your book (or the 8th-grade textbook) find 10 examples of nouns, 5 of action verbs and 5 of state-of-being verbs, 10 adjectives, 5 adverbs, 1 interjection, 5 prepositions, 5 conjunctions, and 10 pronouns.
10-10,  Monday -
  • Vocab - 5 new words
  • vocab quiz
  • Presented opportunity for writer kids for Saturday workshops.  See my Oregon Writing Festival page for a handout copy.
10-7,  Friday - please check out the Scholastic book orders online.  See information on the left side of this page.
  • SSR of course
  • Reading Logs collected as a mid-quarter reference point.  I will copy them and return them on Monday.  This will be graded to show if students are on track for the quarter or not.   (Note - this is only 10 points.  The final grade will total 60 points for the reading log portion.  It's intended to be a signal for students and parents  to know if they are on track or not.
10-6,  Thursday
  • warm up - The "Be Verb" Rap.
  • How to write an academic paragraph
  • transition words reference sheet handout
  • Finish and correct theme/summary WS from Wednesday
10-5,  Wednesday
  • warm up - Parts of Speech
  • What is a theme?  What is a literary analysis?  How is it different than a summary or book report?
  • Worksheet with examples of themes vs. summaries - due tomorrow
10-4,  Tuesday
  • warm up - watch video on grit and answer questions in composition notebook.
  • Vocab quiz (P6 only)
  • Marshmallow Test brief lecture on delaying gratification for success.  Sleep and electronics was part of that discussion.
  • choose a topic for the next argument writing assignment.
  • Work time - VS, BES, missing work, or read.

10-3,  Monday
  • Vocab quiz
  • 5 new words - into planner, plus one new academic vocab word (see vocab page on this website)
  • group work on 7-up sentences showing vocab meaning in context.
  • Seating chart change
9-29,  Friday
  • SSR - be sure to have your book and reading log
9-28,  Thursday
  • warm-up activity
  • finish writing pre-test finish (in-class, not at home)
9-28,  Wednesday
  • warm-up activity - the first of many to come.  Please have your composition notebook in your file, whee it is to stay.  If you still don't have one, ask Mr. Clark nicely because he has some extras.
  • finish book talks
  • begin writing pre-test (Please work on this only in class, not at home.  I need to see what you can do on your own.)
9-27,  Tuesday
  • vocab quiz
  • 5 new vocab words - write them in your planner.  Vocab sheet will be due on Monday
  • finish book talks and turn in pink personal reading list
  • Hand out directions for vocabulary program
9-26,  Monday - teacher training day - no school for kids.   
  • Be sure to read if you are behind.  You should be close to 200 - 400 pages by now..
9-23, Friday
  • SSR - Note that you should have 150 pages at least by now to score at the "B" or proficient level, 300 pages if you hope to exceed and score at the "A" or exceeds level.
9-22 Thursday
  • Book Talks - finish
  • Turn in your personal reading log (the pink sheets that you've been listing the book talks on)
9-21 Wednesday
  • Book Talks
  • Scholastic book orders are due by tomorrow. 
9-20, Tuesday
  • Turn in "Why Read" assignment
  • Group work - review End of Year Reflections in various categories and report to the class what you learned.
  • Handed out book-talk frame to use tomorrow.
  • Do you have a composition notebook?  Is it in your class file?  If not, please get one.  Mr. Clark does have some extras, so ask nicely.
9-19, Monday
  • Worked on vocabulary program directions and the first vocab sheet - which is due on Monday.  1st quiz is next Monday as well.   Words are listed on my vocab page.

  • "Why Read" assignment.  List 10 or more reasons it's important to read.  Put a proper heading on the top right side of your paper (full name, date, period).  Highlight your favorite one or two.  Count how many and put the number on the top of your page--circle it.   This is due tomorrow.
9-16, Friday
  • First SSR - a big thank you to the kids and parents who contributed pretzels and smarties!
9-15, Thursday
  • Job One - do you have a book for SSR tomorrow?
  • finish going over Book Talk assignment
  • If time, begin writing pre-test
9-14, Wednesday
  • Syllabus and grading information - handout and explanation
  • POS pre-test - if you are absent be sure to come in during RV or after school to make it up.
  • Vocabulary program handout
  • 1st 5 vocab words - work in pairs to complete (this will usually be homework)
  • If time, hand out book talk information
9-13, Tuesday
  • Reading Program handout and discussion
  • Reading log handout
  • BES handout
  • Classroom Information and Procedures - handout and quick overview
9-12, Monday
  • Grade scavenger hunt
  • Genre overview
9-9, Friday
  • Scavenger Hunt - grade in class
  • MAZE test
9-8, Thursday
  • Getting to Know You (20 Questions), due tomorrow
  • Book orders - due 9-22
  • Scavenger Hunt (start)
9-7, Wednesday
  • 15 minutes to say "Hello."
  • Seating Chart
  • Parent Letter (due Friday)
  • Reminder, bring composition notebook by Monday

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