Bad Nfl Regional Office Fallout 4 Settler Assignments

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Fallout 4 Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

By vhayste

Ghoul Problem Quests


The quest walkthrough below is an example of one of the many "Ghoul Problem" quests you'll get from random settlers in one of your random workshops or settlements. The objective is simply talking to the marked settler to start the quest, heading to the marked location and killing a significant number of ghouls. Usually, you don't need to kill all ghouls as the quest will eventually point you to the location of the ghouls needed to be killed in order to complete the mission.

Once you cleared the mission area, return to the settler who gave you the mission and talk to him/her to complete it. If ever the settler who gave you the mission is a provisioner or someone you assigned to establish Supply Lines, you have to wait for that NPC to arrive in one of the settlements he/she'll visit.

Tenpines Bluff will be marked in your map a short distance to the east from Sanctuary. Upon reaching the area, talk to the one of the two settlers there to update your quest. Next, you'll have to go to College Square.

When you fast travel to the location, you'll be taken to an overrun checkpoint. There are mines on the street as well so use your VATS to target them if you can't see them immediately. You can take out multiple ghouls by blowing up the car wreck there. Take out the ghouls and continue following the marker. You'll have to enter the closed-area College Square Station. Just clear out the place of ghouls in the immediate area and your quest will update. For notable loots, just follow this guide's location page of the area.

The train station itself isn't large, filled with ghouls, and there are some good loot inside. Your target is the Feral Ghoul Stalker in the maintenance room of the western wing so be prepared. Make sure to also find the College Station Key on top of the tables there. You can use that key to open the ticket booth in the area. Once you're done looting the area, return to the settlers in Tenpines Bluff to report your success. After that, talk to Preston Garvey to complete the quest.

Completing this quest will unlock more quests (Raider Troubles at Nordhagen Beach, Taking Independence). You can also now use Tenpines Bluff as your new workshop.



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RobCo's Worst Nightmare


Hack 50 terminals


30 gamerscore

trophy type

Silver silver

Xbox achievement image


RobCo's Worst Nightmare is an achievement/trophy in Fallout 4.


Hack 50 terminals.

The terminal hacks must be performed with the same character in order to obtain the achievement.

Terminal locationsEdit

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Closest map marker Difficulty Location Name Content/Purpose
Andrew Station1 !Novice Railway platform (eastern part) Terminal Spotlight control
ArcJet Systems3 !Expert Laboratory (2nd floor, southwest) Lab terminalTerminal entries
Safe control
Back Street Apparel2 !Advanced Backroom (ground floor, southwest) TerminalSafe control
BADTFL Regional Office1 !Novice Chief's office (ground floor, northwest) TerminalTerminal entries
Safe control
Turret control
BADTFL Regional Office1 !Novice Holding cells (basement, northeast) TerminalTerminal entries
BADTFL Regional Office3 !Expert Archive area (lower floor, southeast) TerminalProtectron control
Beantown Brewery1 !Novice Tower Tom's office (upper floor, northeast) Tower Tom's terminalTerminal entries
Boston Mayoral Shelter1 !Novice Security area (ground level) TerminalTurret control
Boston Mayoral Shelter3 !Expert Storage room (underground level) TerminalTerminal entries
Door control
Boston Mayoral Shelter4 !Master Sleeping quarters (underground level, lower floor) TerminalDoor control
Cabot House3 !Expert Jack Cabot's lab (2nd floor, southeast) TerminalTerminal entries
Cabot House4 !Master Emogene Cabot's room (3rd floor, northeast) TerminalTerminal entries
Cambridge Police Station2 !Advanced Chief's office (ground floor, eastern side) Recon data terminalTerminal entries
Safe control
Crater House1 !Novice Southeastern shackTerminalTerminal entries
Spotlight control
Turret control
Diamond City1 !Novice Mayor McDonough's officeMayor McDonough's terminalTerminal entries
Safe control
D.B. Technical High School1 !Novice Yellow classroom (2nd floor, western side) Terminal Spotlight control
D.B. Technical High School1 !Novice Computer lab (2nd floor, southeast) TerminalTerminal entries
Fallon's Department Store1 !Novice Staff room (upper floor, western side) Terminal Protectron control
Faneuil Hall1 !Novice Main entrance (ground floor, western side) Security terminalProtectron control
Faneuil Hall1 !Novice Commonwealth Bank (upper floor, southwest) TerminalProtectron control
Faneuil Hall3 !Expert Commonwealth Bank (upper floor, northwest) TerminalDoor control
Fraternal Post 1151 !Novice Executive office (upper floor, northeast) Executive terminalTerminal entries
Safe control
Turret control
Goodneighbor2 !Advanced Bobbi's place (upper floor) Bobbi's terminalTerminal entries
Safe control
Jamaica Plain1 !Novice Town Hall basement (northern side) Treasures access terminalDoor control
Jamaica Plain3 !Expert Town Hall basement (northern side) Security terminal Protectron control
Listening Post Bravo4 !Master Bunker entranceTerminalDoor control
Mass Bay Medical Center3 !Expert Reception (ground floor, western side) TerminalProtectron control
Museum of Freedom1 !Novice Generator room (basement) Computer terminalDoor control
Museum of Freedom1 !Novice Director's office (3rd floor, northwest) Museum Operations terminalTerminal entries
Door control
Sanctuary1 !Novice Yellow house (southwest) Ledger terminalTerminal entries
Shaw High School1 !Novice Main office (ground floor, southern side) Faculty terminalTerminal entries
Suffolk County Charter School1 !Novice Main hall (ground floor) Terminal Protectron control
Suffolk County Charter School3 !Expert Basement Terminal Door control
Sunshine Tidings Co-op1 !Novice Central buildingSunshine Tidings terminalTerminal entries
Mr. Handy control
Super-Duper Mart1 !Novice Manager's office (ground floor, southern corner) TerminalProtectron control
Safe control
Tenpines Bluff2 !Advanced Train tracks checkpoint (to the east) Terminal Door control
The Institute1 !Novice West stairs (ground floor, near clinic) Terminal Door control
The Institute4 !Master East stairs (ground floor, near commissary) Terminal Door control
University Point1 !Novice Sedgwick Hall: machine parts magazine (2nd floor, northwest) Gerald's terminal Terminal entries
University Point1 !Novice Slocum's Joe cafeteria (ground floor, northwest) Terminal Door control
University Point1 !Novice University Credit Union (basement, southern side) Vault control terminal Door control
Vault 811 !Novice Clinic (bottom floor, residential area) TerminalTerminal entries
Vault 812 !Advanced Overseer's office (top floor, atrium area) Overseer's terminalTerminal entries
Vault 813 !Expert Secret Vault (close to the end) Vault 81 Secure Access terminalDoor control
Vault 814 !Master Reactor room (under the stairs) Old Overseers terminalTerminal entries
Wicked Shipping Fleet Lockup1 !Novice Warehouse (outside) Terminal Protectron control
Yangtze2 !Advanced

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