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Any student who’s been assigned a teenage pregnancy essay is going to need to address complex social issues in a professional, accurate, and unbiased manner. Writing is hard enough as is, but when you have to write about awkward and controversial topics, it gets exponentially more difficult. As a result, it’s easy to make mistakes and get a lower grade than you had hoped.

Of course, none of this is your fault. Even valedictorians get help from time to time. You’re just the brunt of a cruel joke played by your professors. They want to see you struggle, they want to see you stumble, and they want to see what type of person you are. It’s more of a psychological experiment than anything else.

Sometimes it’s an educational experience. You’ll learn how to navigate your way around people’s feelings, and write an informed and non-biased article. However, most of the time you’ll stumble around, write things that you don’t really mean, and insert your own personal beliefs into the topic. This is what your professors don’t want to see. They expect you to be able to understand an argument from both sides of the spectrum. They want you to write about something whether you see a problem with it or not.

Writing Can Be Stressful

This wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the fact that the teachers themselves are often biased, which means that there is no way to win the battle unless you know the personal beliefs of the professor. The people who get the highest grades are the teachers’ pets who know them personally and have an idea of exactly what they need to write about. The ones who suffer are the people like you.

Unless you’re a mind-reader, the chances are that you’re not going to make a good grade. You’ll say something opinionated, or “offensive” in your teen pregnancy essay body that will make them give you a low grade. It would be one thing if you were writing about history, philosophy, or the mitochondria. Nothing is really up for debate. However, with a controversial topic like teen pregnancy, everybody’s going to have strong feelings, and want to debate your every idea.

That being said, you still have some hope if you are willing to stay away from certain red flag topics and beginners’ mistakes. In this article, we’re going to examine the top five mistakes that most readers make when writing their essay on teen pregnancy cause and effect.

Teenage Pregnancy Essays: Top 5 Biggest Research Paper Mistakes

Here at Jittery Monks, we have quite a few professors who work with us. Many of them used to be high school and college English teachers and have quite a lot of experience in this realm. Some of them used to give out the same teen pregnancy topics to their students back in the day when it was even more controversial.

One of Our Monk’s Detailed Notebooks

Today, they’re working for us and are here to help you. They’ve been kind enough to give us an inside look at just what not to do. They all agree that there are five common mistakes when it comes to a teen pregnancy essay. Let’s take a look at some examples and pinpoint exactly where these unlucky writers messed up.

#1- Not Talking About Women’s Rights In Their Teen Pregnancy Essay

Women’s rights. They’ve been fighting for their rights for hundreds of years, and they’ve come a long way. What better way to offend your female English teacher by completely disregarding the woman’s choice and rights in your essay.

This is one of the top mistakes that male students make. They aren’t looking at the problem from the viewpoint of the woman, and are instead thinking about the issue from the point of view of a man. They often lack the sensitive language that needs to be used when treading around this touchy topic, and often completely forget to mention women at all.

For our first example, let’s pick apart one student’s teenage pregnancy essay introduction.

Look At This Teenage Pregnancy Essay Introduction:

“Teen pregnancy shouldn’t be a problem. If teen girls want to have sex so bad, then they should just take their pills. It would make everything a lot easier. If every girl were to take the pill, then we wouldn’t have to wear protection or worry about having to carry it around in our pocket all of the time.

Not only does wearing a condom feel funny, but it’s impossible to wear for certain men who have latex allergies. The best thing to do to prevent teenage pregnancy is for every girl to start taking the pill. It would save all of the men time, money, and would make sex feel a lot better. There would be far fewer instances of unprotected sex, and there would be far less teen pregnancies.”

This student is obviously a male, and he obviously didn’t take any of the woman’s considerations into view. If his professor were a male, perhaps he would find it funny and give him a decent grade for effort, despite the poor writing skills. However, if his professor were a woman, he would’ve gotten one of the worst grades that he’s ever seen in his life and maybe even called in for an after-school meeting.

In this excerpt from his teen pregnancy essay introduction, he talks about the topic from a completely gender-biased standpoint. Whether you agree with his ideas or not is irrelevant. He made all of the common mistakes:

  • Puts the blame on the women
  • Doesn’t care how oral contraceptives might affect women
  • Says condoms don’t feel good, so men shouldn’t have to wear them

Almost any woman reading this would be instantly offended. The student shows no consideration for the struggles that women go through and the fact that oral contraceptives often have undesired side-effects. On top of getting points taken off for their poor writing, this student probably got another 15 – 20 points taken off for his own ignorance.

#2- Talking About Abortion Too Much In Their Teenage Pregnancy Stories

Abortion is another extremely touchy topic that often comes up in essays about pregnancy. Often many teen pregnancies end with an abortion. This is usually a very traumatizing experience for both the young teen couple and their parents. Many teachers and classmates have gone through an abortion themselves or had a close friend or family member who did as well.

If you’re writing about this teenage pregnancy, try to stay as far away as possible from abortion. It’s okay to briefly mention it from time to time, but if you make abortion a center point of your teen pregnancy essay, then you’re bound to get some points taken away. Besides being an emotionally touchy topic, there are also many different political and religious beliefs that come into play about abortion.

Most of the time, there’s no way to know what your teacher’s exact beliefs are. They may be bible-thumping republicans and be completely against it, or they may be pro-choice liberals who are all for it. Again, unless you’re a mind-reader, then you could take the wrong stance and get a very bad grade.

Look At This Teenage Pregnancy Essay Conclusion:

“After a long time of thinking, my high school girlfriend and I decided that it would be best to go to the clinic and get an abortion. We were 17-years-old, and we had no idea of how to raise a kid, much less provide for one. As painful as it was, we had made up our minds. We weren’t going to let a child ruin our future, and condemn us to a life of working in the fast food industry.

It was a slightly traumatic experience, but it ended up being one of the best things that we could’ve done. Neither one of our parents found out about it, and we did it early enough so that none of our friends or teachers had an idea. Now we’re both in college pursuing education and chasing our dreams.”

From a non-biased or liberal perspective, this teen pregnancy essay conclusion doesn’t look so bad. It’s the common story of a high school couple who moved a little bit too fast and had an accident. They weighed out the pros and cons and made their choice. Now they’re happy, successful college students.

Another Student Trying To Write Her Essay On Teen Pregnancy

However, if your professor were vehemently opposed to abortion, then you would quickly find yourself in a bad spot. They may even ask to speak with you after school and show you all of the images that the protestors wave in front of the clinics.

This student should have only briefly mentioned the abortion, or just completely left the whole thing out, to begin with. With an in-depth description like this, there’s no telling how their teacher may react.

#3- Writing Explicit Content In Their Teenage Pregnancy Research Paper

There’s always going to be some student in a class who has a vulgar mind or who simply isn’t sensitive to the way that other people think about topics like this. Be sure that you aren’t that student. Don’t talk about this subject with a callous tone, which downplays the problem, or talks about things in a sexually explicit manner.

This should, of course, go without saying, but every year teachers get papers turned in that look like this.

Here’s an Example of An Explicit Teenage Pregnancy Essay Body:

“Teenage pregnancy is usually just caused by men who don’t know how to pull out. When they’re in the middle of sex, it just feels too good. They ejaculate without using protection because they’re not thinking about the consequences. These men are only thinking with their little heads, and are far more concerned with temporary pleasure than they are with their future and well-being.”

As you can tell, this student is writing in a very graphic manner. Terms like “pull out,” “ejaculate,” and “middle of sex” are far too graphic for a teen pregnancy research paper or essay. While they may be making some good points, they could have worded their essay in a far more encyclopedic way.

Not only is this explicit language awkward for teachers to read, but it also shows them that you lack the ability to write with taste. This is not something that is valued in the writing world and will usually do nothing more than get you in trouble.

#4- Making Their Teenage Pregnancy Research Paper Too Opinionated

Yet another common pitfall that students run into is that they are too opinionated in their teen pregnancy essay thesis. The thesis is where you state your primary ideas, and some students take this literally. You’re supposed to state your idea behind the research paper, not your own personal beliefs on the topic. Let’s take a look at a quick example.

This Teenage Pregnancy Essay Thesis Is Far Too Opinionated:

“Teenage pregnancy is a huge problem. Most of the teenage girls who are getting pregnant aren’t married and aren’t even considering marriage. This goes completely against what the church has to say about sexual relationships and marriage. These sinful couples are fornicating and forgetting about the consequences. Not only is this wrong, but it leads to children who have no fathers or even to the murder of unborn children.”

Clearly, this student (most likely a male) has some strong beliefs on the topic and is trying to share them in his paper. This is not what professors are looking for, and doing this will most likely get a lot of points taken off. Your tone should remain neutral, and your thesis should clearly state the topic and ideas which you are about to discuss. Nothing more.

Not sure if your paper has too much opinion in it? Feel free to contact our team to have one of our writers help edit your paper, or even write a custom teenage pregnancy essay for you from scratch!

#5- Treating Their Teen Pregnancy Essay Like A Joke

Even if you’re the class clown, teen pregnancy is not a topic that you should joke about. If it’s something that they can get away with on late night comedy shows, you should stay far away from it when writing a paper.

Many students try to use comedy to draw attention away from an awkward subject (which this certainly is), and it usually tends to backfire. It can make you come off as unconcerned, callous, and makes your teacher think that you aren’t taking the writing assignment seriously.

Overly Comedic Example Essay On Teenage Pregnancy Cause and Effect:

“Teenage pregnancy has become quite a problem in today’s society. One minute you’re swiping right on Tinder, and the next minute you’re swerving into the hospital to deliver a baby. Who would have thought that the technology that interconnects us could have such a drastic effect on teenage girls getting pregnant? Our founding fathers would roll over in their graves.”

This student is clearly trying to be as lighthearted as they can. They probably feel rather awkward writing about an essay on teen pregnancy cause and effect in the first place and are simply trying to mask it with some light comedy. This is evident when he makes the statement, “one minute you’re swiping right on Tinder, and the next you’re swerving into the hospital.”

Overall this student’s writing style would be great if they were in a Creative Writing or Improv Theatre class. It’s light, engaging, and not too serious. However, this isn’t what your English teacher wants to see. They want to see that you are engaged and willing to think seriously about the topics that they assign.

How We Can Help

With all these rules it’s hard to do right! You may be thinking to yourself, “even if I can manage to follow three or four of these rules, there’s still going to be one that I miss!”

Welcome to the unfortunate reality of the American education system. Often, there is no foolproof way to get a good grade. All you can do is turn in your best writing and hope that it makes a passing grade so that you don’t lose your scholarship money.

However, we don’t want to leave you hanging in this rather desperate situation. Here at Jittery Monks, we want to provide you with a solution. We can be that friendly little angel on your shoulder who helps you get the best grades possible by writing your essays and research papers for you.

Who Are The Jittery Monks Anyway?

A Jittery Monk In His Natural Working Environment

The Jittery Monks are a group of caffeine-fueled writers, intellectuals, and teachers who want to help you make straight A’s through your entire educational career. We are well-versed in every academic area of study that you could find in today’s modern colleges.

Our writers all have a significant amount of real-world experiences as journalists, editors, English teachers, and some are even published, authors. They wanted to give back to the world, and thought that helping America’s students pass their classes was one of the best ways that they could contribute.

We are especially helpful when it comes to writing about awkward topics like teen pregnancy. Our experienced writers know just how to navigate the ins and outs of controversial articles and make sure that you don’t offend the people responsible for grading your paper. You are guaranteed to receive a good grade, and position yourself in the good graces of your professor.

If you have any other writing task for that matter, the Jittery Monks are more than happy to take it off of your hands. We can write about anything from rocket science to book reviews, and have a record fast turnaround time that you could only get from a true monk. Students have been hiring essay writers online since the dawn of the Internet. So please, let us let us help you succeed.

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