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Lorentz Levitation Technology: a New Approach to Fine Motion Robotics, Teleoperation,Haptic Interfaces, and Vibration Isolation RL Hollis SE Salcudean
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Abstract Recently, a new technology for stably levitating and controlling the position and orientation of a rigid body has been introduced. A unique feature is the use of Lorentz forces rather than the usual Maxwell forces as in magnetic bearings. The Lorentz force approach, 

Haptic Technology
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Haptic-pertaining to the sense of touch. Haptic technology is technology using interfaces with computers to produce the sense of touch by applying different forces. These forces can make virtual images/reality seem real to the touch. The interfaces allow somebody to 

Bimanual haptic telepresence technology employed to demining operations
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At present, more than 100 million undetonated landmines left over from wars are buried worldwide. Each year approximately 3000 individuals (most of them civilians) are maimed or injured by these mines. At least for every 5000 mines causes an expert's injury during its 

Haptic thermal interface: a new technology for supporting presence in multimodal virtual environments
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Abstract This paper describes how the thermal user interface system can be integrated into other input devices to develop multimodal user interfaces that present multisensory feedback. Multimodal virtual environments supporting both haptic force and haptic thermal 

Haptic Perception and the Development of New Tools for Digital Studio Technology
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 ()_+-={}18 Page 2. Haptic Perception and the Development of New Tools for Digital Studio Technology AES 120 convention, Paris 2006 May Durand R. Begault Human Factors Research and Technology Division NASA Ames Research Center Moffett Field, California 

Faster simulated laparoscopic cholecystectomy with haptic feedback technology
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Background: Virtual reality simulators have been gradually introduced into surgical training. One of the enhanced features of the latest virtual simulators is haptic feedback. The usefulness of haptic feedback technology has been a matter of controversy in recent years 

Haptic Communication Technology Using Real-time Robotics
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We are advancing research with the goal of establishing communications technology for remote control in mobile environments, and confirmed that it is possible to perform bidirectional haptic communication in environments with large delay for teleoperation of 

Mobile haptic technology development through artistic exploration
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This paper investigates how artistic explorations can be useful for the development of mobile haptic technology. It presents an alternative framework of design for wearable haptics that contributes to the building of haptic communities outside specialized research contexts. 

Using Haptic Technology to Improve Non-Contact Handling: the Haptic Tweezer Concept
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E van West, A Yamamoto, T Higuchi , This chapter describes the concept named Haptic Tweezer, which is in essence an object handling tool for contact-sensitive objects that are handled without any mechanical contact between the tool and the object, with the help of haptic technology. By combining haptic 

Handedness and Dexterity Evaluation System Using Haptic Virtual Reality Technology
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It is considered that the ratio of right-handed to left-handed persons is 9 to 1 approximately, and most products are created for right-handed persons. Right-handed persons are mostly unaware of the inconvenience, however, it is a deep problem for left-handed persons. 

Robot mobile control technology using robot arm as haptic interface
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ABSTRACT This paper proposed the implementation of haptic-based robot which is following human by using fundamental sensors on robot arms without additional sensors. A Robot arm has 6 DOF (6 angle detection devices) to operate like human arm. Robot follows ENGPAPER.NET

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