Essays For Lower Secondary School

Mr Lim was rudely awakened by the high-pitched ringing of his cordless phone. He turned on the lights and saw that it was 2:30 am in the morning. Groaning, he groped for the phone.

It was Mr Lim's brother, Kenneth. He knew that something was amiss the minute his brother spoke. Kenneth's grave tone then related the message that he was now in Saint Gabriel Hospital with their mother. Apparently, their mother could not sleep that night and had gone to the kitchen to get herself a hot drink when she slipped on the kitchen tiles. The fall broke her arm and twisted her ankle. Luckily, she was not scalded by the hot drink that she was carrying. When Kenneth and his wife, Selina, were awakened by the noise from the kitchen, they rushed to investigate, only to find their mother on the floor.

Mr Lim's heart pounded as he heard the whole story. His mother was almost eighty and any such fall could prove fatal. "What's her condition like? Did the doctor tell you anything?" his voice quivered with anxiety as he asked the questions. Kenneth gave no definite answer because they had only just arrived at the hospital. He only knew that she was in the Intensive Care Unit.

Mr Lim hastily woke his wife to tell her the news. Although he wanted badly for her to accompany him to the hospital, he knew that she had to stay behind to look after their sleeping children.

As Mr Lim drove to the hospital, he prayed that his mother would be all right. Thoughts of how wonderful a person his mother is brought a tear to his eye. He just had to get to the hospital fast to be with her.

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