Essay On My Lovely Sister Roro

In my opinion a hero is someone you can look up to, and depend on throughout your life and follow their footsteps. I would have to say my sister has been my hero throughout my life. If it wasn’t for my sister I wouldn’t be who I am today. My sister has always been there for me when I needed her the most.

I can always go to her for anything that’s on my mind or that I’m struggling with. My sister and I have always been close through everything. If it wasn’t for my sister I wouldn’t be as strong as I am when it comes to talking to people about stuff. My sister and I use to always fight, no whatever what it was about we were always fighting. I have always said that no matter what happens when we both get older and grow up, we are always going to be there for one and other, and that’s where we are today.

My sister is my best friend, we talk about everything. She knows all my little secrets that I would never think about telling my mom, and I know that when I tell her that it is safe with her because that’s the kind of friendship we have. If I didn’t have my sister in my life right now, I honestly don’t know what I’d do, I’d be lost without her. We are so close that we can finish each others sentences.

Recently my parents split up because my father is an Alcoholic. I took the split up very bad, and it made me very stressed out, and I didn’t want to do anything. My sister was there for me when I needed her to talk to about what I had on my mind. I called my sister everyday to tell her how my parents were doing. After the separation my mom and I moved back to park hills and it doesn’t feel right without my dad being there. With my parents splitting up has made me and my sister even stronger than we were before. I am very thankful that I have her in my life.

I have followed in my sister’s footsteps in many ways, she has taught me how to be a very good athlete. My sister has always been good at softball and basketball, and I’ve always said I wanted to be just like her. I have accomplished a lot in sports, she has made me like softball a lot better because I know I am a lot better at it than I am at basketball. She has always told me to follow my heart in what I do best, and I am. I am going to college to play softball, and I am going to school to become a nurse.

All together I know my sister is my hero, and she will always be. She is the number one person in my life right now. I am so thankful to have an older sister like her that I can look up too. I know she will always been there for me until the end. I don’t know what I’d do without her. My sister Niki is my hero.

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My Family: My Older Sister Essay

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Behind closed doors I saw her tears. Behind her back I heard the laughing. I watched her as she never gave up. So much of what makes me who I am today, I learned from her. She is my older sister, Lisa.


I had reasons to admire Lisa other than her being my older sister. From the beginning, everything was hard for her. In elementary school, Lisa wore glasses and was constantly teased by the other children. They were unaware of the emotional harm they caused her. Later, Lisa was diagnosed with a learning disability. Her school years were extremely difficult, both socially and academically.


Lisa influenced me most when she was in high school, and I was in middle school. Lisa knew the importance of a good…show more content…

Lisa proved to everyone who wanted to see her succeed that she could do it.


Throughout high school Lisa was more dedicated than I can even imagine. All Lisa wanted was to be a "normal" kid for she rarely saw other students in her same situation. She wanted to make her disability go away. In my eyes, the longer she pursued the more she grew as a student. She was able to express herself in writing, something she had never been able to do before. She had found an outlet to express herself.


In her senior year, Lisa took a half year elective course in accounting. This proved to be something that she excelled in. In 1993 she received the BCCO Scholarship Award for "a senior student who has shown significant improvement and success in the face of adversity." Lisa went against all the odds, did extremely well, and found something that she loved.


At the same time Lisa was improving in school, she was changing on the outside. Within a period of a few years, Lisa matured into a beautiful young adult. She got contact lenses, her braces came off, and she found a new way to do her hair. From beneath the shy little girl came a beautiful, outgoing teenager. Yet the students did not make her struggle any easier. Once people have one impression of a person, their minds are not very accepting of change. It was strange to me that although Lisa wanted to achieve, she was ridiculed for it by the students in her classes.

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