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Essay Type: Narrative Essay

Topic: My first flight to U.S


My first flight trip to USA was one of the most memorable thing in my life because, when I was young, I wanted fly a plane . I could remember everything about my first flight experience. When my husband got a job in USA, we were in India, so we moved to USA. I was so excited when I heard that we are going to fly in flight.

I remember going into the airport and just looking at the huge airplanes. I remembered staring at one plane and thinking it was so big. It was bigger than most of the other planes and was gray with a red stripe. I sat there and staring at it for a couple of minutes and my husband came over and told me that was the plane we were going to be on, and he told me it was called the international flights. I sat there a minute longer in disbelief. Once we got onto the plane and sat down, I started to look around at everything around me. I noticed the small white air vents right above my head with little lights next to the vent. It was so great because the controls were right on my armrest. There was a place on the armrest to plug the head phones in order to listen to music. I noticed that there was a big screen up on the wall that separated for first class passengers from economy passengers. My husband said “That is the screen to watch movies on”. The small monitor hang in front of all seats. I could not believe that I could watch a movie while traveling since I was driving everywhere with no television in the car, so I found that to be great. After everyone got settled into their seats, the air hostess came over the intercom and explained all of the safety procedures. They also showed everyone how to put the seat belts on correctly. After the air hostess was done with the safety procedures, we began our flight out to the runway.

As the plane approached the runway, I started to get really excited. I remember as the airplane started to get more speed, my stomach had the odd feeling from the excitement of actually going up in the air for the first time. My husband said I had the biggest smile in the world and I felt like I did. It was so neat staring at the ground just watching everything get smaller and smaller. By the time the plane had reached cruising altitude, everything under the plane looked like a little micro machine town. I just stared out the window for a good amount of the trip just looking at everything below the plane.

About half way through the trip, the air hostess came around and served food and drinks to everyone. I remember the food because it almost tasted like a mix between hospital and school food. The food was served on a tray, and the tray sat on a table that folded down from the seat in front of me. The table was big enough to fit the food tray was served on. It was nice getting the food because I was so hungry at all time on flight. Even though I enjoyed flying, I was really looking forward to arriving in USA for the first time and seeing if it was like the movies or the pictures I had seen.

After I ate the food, I saw the movie called “Just married”. I found that movie to be a really good comedy movie. After watching the movie, I slept for six hours. The air hostess served some tea and food to all. I played some video games and watched one Hindi movie, but I could not concentrate much on the movie since I knew once the movie was over, then we would be there. Once the movie ended, the pilot came on over the intercom and announced that in about thirty minutes we would be landing. All of a sudden that feeling came back to me the same one as when we first took off. I looked out the window until I saw land. Right after I saw the land, the plane started to come down and everything started getting bigger and bigger. As soon as I saw the runway, I heard the weird nose, I got a little scared and asked my husband what it was? He said,” It was just the landing gear coming down“. After the plane touched down, I heard the tires screeching sound. I could think that we are finally in America.

The plane stopped at the Los Angeles International Airport, then almost everyone on the plane jumped up and was rushing to get off. Everyone was pushing and shoving to get off the plane and I was in the middle of it with my husband. We finally got off and got our luggage and stepped out of the airport and took a deep breath. It was the freshest air I think I have ever experienced. The buildings were so huge I had ever seen before in my life. America was better than any picture or movie I had ever seen before.

I hope in this essay that I have explained in full detail my first flight trip and also how I felt and what I saw and experienced on my way to USA for the first time. That was my most memorable time in my life. I hope that I can remember for the rest of my life.

“There is no flying without wings” I felt that I flew without wings when I was in flight. After my first flight trip, I love to fly in flight everywhere. I am eagerly waiting for my next flight trip. Everyone should try to fly in flight once in their life.

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I was very nervous as I bordered an airplane for the very first time approximately, four years ago. As I walked up the ramp to the entrance of the plane, I remember having butterflies in the pit of my stomach. I felt as if my legs would collapse at any minute. This experience was one that I could never forget. My first airplane trip was to Las Vegas, Nevada. I was anxious because this would be my first ever airplane ride. My fiancee is an amateur welter weight boxer and he had an upcoming boxing match scheduled that I had to attend later that week.

I know I should have been a little more enthused about his boxing event but, in all reality, the airplane ride was the main event for me. My initial thoughts as I proceeded to my seat was, “How am I supposed to put my huge duffle bag in the narrow overhead compartment? ” To my surprise, the flight attendant was there to assist me. The duffel bag went into the overhead compartment with ease. I was somewhat relieved to be seated close to the front of the plane. I felt more secure near the pilot’s compartments and the bathroom. It took me a minute to get comfortable.

I was still trying to come to terms with the fact that I was going to be in the air for eleven hours. The take –off was the scariest party of the plane ride. I almost urinated on myself. Fortunate enough for me, things got a little better when we were finally airborne and I was able to find out the difference between first class seating and coach. I was excited about the service that was rendered to me. I was able to enjoy nice wines and meals during my flight. I also watched free movies. Seated next to a window, I had access to an amazing view.

The clouds just outside of the window made me feel as if I were in heaven. I was also able to listen to music and take a nap. The pilot would make announcements over the intercom to let the passengers know when we were about to have turbulence impacts. At first I did not know what this meant, but when the plane started to bounce around like a ball I quickly put the two together. I also got the chance to see the Grand Canyon as we flew over it. I was amazed at how small it looked from up so high. It was still a wonderful sight to behold.

The best part of the whole entire airplane ride experience was when we arrive in Las Vegas. As we flew of the city the view of Las Vegas Blvd. , tall buildings and the millions of miles of desert land left me in absolute awe! The landing was a different story. Again, I almost urinated in my pants. As the plane cruised in for a landing, I braced myself by grabbing the armrest of the seat that I was in so hard that I broke a nail on impact. My first airplane ride was not as uncomfortable as originally thought it would be. Actually, it was great. My choice of travel since then has been by airplane.

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