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When raising a child one is
taught values by their families
that they feel are important for
their child to have. I believe
that family values consist of
certain actions and qualities
that are important to a family
to uphold. Values that are
important in my family are
honesty, trust and to have
respect for others. Each of
these values is equally
important in my family. They
played a big role into making me
the person I am now.

Growing up in my family taught
me that honesty is the best
policy. When I would get into
trouble as a child I would often
try to lie to my mom thinking
that would save me from being
punished. I soon learned that
lying would only get me into
more trouble than I was already.
Honesty has given me the
reputation of being a good
friend. One can always rely on
me to let them know what they
are doing or how something looks
on them. In return for my
honesty I have received respect
from my family and friends.

Respect is an important value to
be taught when growing up.
Through the years I have learned
that in order to learn anything
you must have respect for
others. I have learned many
valuable lessons from listening
to my grandmother. She has told
me many of her experiences,
which has made me a better
person. Having respect for other
people has allowed me to be more
open-minded and see qualities in
people that most would not. I
have always listened to what my
friends and family has to say.
That doesn"t always mean that I
agree with them, but it is their
opinion, so I respect it. In
return I receive respect from
them. As people begin to respect
me more their trust in me also

Trust is a value that was very
hard for me to learn. I was
always afraid that someone was
going to hurt me one way or
another. My mother was always
telling me that I should learn
to trust others so that they
could help me from time to time,
but I never could do it.
Eventually I finally learned to
trust others a few years ago. I
have realized that other people
can do many things for you if
you just trust in them. This
helps me in the relationships I
have with my friends. Trust
doesn"t happen overnight, it
takes time. I have learned that
trusting certain people is worth
the risk, and helps the
relationships I have with them.

All values that families instill
in their children are important.
They are the deciding factors
that help a person grow. Values
also determine how one treats
others and how they will be
treated in return. Learning
honesty, respect, and to have
trust in others has made me a
better person. I feel that I am
growing to be someone that can
be relied on for almost
anything. These values will
benefit me for many years to

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Changing family values in America


What is the cause of the shift in family values in America? Why are other countries not evolving their family values in the same way that American families are? Is there something pushing family values into a more liberal framework?

Introduction and/or background

I believe that family values have taken a shift in the left direction as people become slightly more liberal about things that were previously seen as wrong. There are reasons why family values are changing as I do not believe it is part of naturally occurring family evolution otherwise we would see a similar situation in other countries. Family values do change in other countries too, and the way they are changing in America differs to the way they are changing in other countries.

Research question

What is the cause of the shift in family values in America? Why are other countries not evolving their family values in the same way that American families are? Is there something pushing family values into a more liberal framework?

Literature review

• Public Opinion on the Family from the
This will give me a good idea on what values exist at the moment and will help me determine what has changed and what is changing.

• Jesus and Justice: Evangelicals, Race, and American Politics from the Yale University Press.
I believe religion plays a part in family values and I think that there are enough Christians in America to make a difference on family values.

• Family Values in a Historical Perspective from the Tanner Lectures on Human Values
I believe it will be a good idea to dig into the history of family values to find out if this sort of thing has happened before.


I will use research methods involving reading journals, books and statistical websites in order to gain the information I need to answer my questions and reach my conclusions.

Research design and method

Over six months I will conduct research with a team of specialists that are going to go over the research and tests done in a correct and fair manner. I believe that doing this is better than running my own tests because my small budget would make me unable to cover enough people to get an accurate view.


I shall only include research from true and tested resources that are respected by the academic community.

Communicating the results

The results will be in the form of processed data that has been analyzed and evaluated. The core of my work lies first in the analysis and then in the conclusion whereupon the readers may find the answers to my research questions.

Significance of Research

I believe that through studying the research done already that it is possible to see what is causing the shift in current family values, and maybe even understand why such a shift is not happening in the same way in other countries.


2 weeks pre planning, team building and training
5 months researching
2 weeks processing the results and writing


In order to complete my task I will need the help of other researchers that can accurately consider sources and rule them out correctly. I also need people that can process information so that analysis and evaluation does not become a mammoth task. For the six-month period, I will require $77,250.


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