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Competitions and Awards

Dental professionals caring for children's oral health

The Australian and New Zealand Society of Paediatric Dentistry is committed to the study and advancement of paediatric dentistry, and the promotion of education in the field of paediatric dentistry. Each year the Society holds two essay competitions, one for undergraduate dental students, and one for postgraduate dental students. A Postgraduate Research Award sponsored by Colgate is offered at each ANZSPD Bienial Congress. In March 2014, the ANZSPD launched the ANZSPD Alistair Devlin Memorial Grant.

For further information on these competitions, contact the Federal Secretary/Manager


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Louise Brearley Messer ANZSPD Under-graduate Essay Competition

TOPIC: 2018. Dental caries in children - infectious disease or parental lifestyle choice? Discuss your views based on current knowledge of aetiology and epidemiology of the disease.

ELIGIBILITY: Open to all dental under-graduates or students enrolled in a graduate program leading to the student’s first dental degree and who are enrolled in an Australian or New Zealand dental school.

PRIZE: A prize of AU$1,500.00 will be paid by cheque. 

SUBMISSION: See the ANZSPD Essay Competition - General Conditions

The deadline for the Essay is  TBA 2018

The winner will be announced on TBA 2018


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Louise Brearley Messer ANZSPD Post-graduate Essay Competition

TOPIC: 2018.  A new class of anticoagulant drugs, the new oral anticoagulants or NOAC's, have begun to play a role in the management of thrombotic diseases. Discuss: (1) Thrombotic disease in children and whether there may be a place for NOAC's in the management of these children, and (2) The dental management of patients on anticoagulants and how this would need to be altered for any children taking NOAC's.

ELIGIBILITY: Post-graduate students in Paediatric dentistry from New Zealand and Australia who are currently enrolled in a Doctorate, Masters or a Post-graduate Clinical Diploma in Paediatric Dentistry programme.

PRIZE: AU$2,500.00

SUBMISSION: See the ANZSPD Essay Competition - General Conditions

The deadline for the Essay is  TBA 2018

The winner will be announced on TBA 2018


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ANZSPD Essay Competition - General Conditions

  • Essays should be initially submitted to the appropriate undergraduate or postgraduate course coordinator as a word processing document in one of the following formats (doc, docx, rtf).
  • The course coordinator will submit the best undergraduate essay, and all suitable postgraduate essays from their Dental School as email attachments to the Federal Secretary via email, with a note of support
  • Essays must not exceed 3,000 words with a maximum of 50 references.
  • Essays must only be the work of the individual candidates.
  • Bibliographic style should follow that of the Australian Dental Journal.
  • The essay should be double spaced on one side of the page only with 20mm margins.
  • The candidate’s name, home address, email address and University name should appear on a cover page, separate to the remainder of the essay.
  • No names or identifying marks should appear in headers, footers, or within the body of the essay.
  • Essays will be coded for anonymity and sent to three judges. The three judges will be appointed by the Federal Council of ANZSPD Inc. The decision of the judges will be final.
  • All participants will be advised of the result by mail or email.
  • The winner will be required to have their winning essay published in “Synopses”, the newsletter of the ANZSPD Inc in the year following the award.


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Historical Essay Competition Topics

Louise Brearley Messer ANZSPD Under-graduate Essay Competition 

TOPIC: 2014. “There is an emerging trend on the use of probiotics and organic diets. Discuss the effects of these supplements and diets on the oral environment of a child.”

TOPIC: 2015. “Deep Dental Caries – to leave or to remove. New Perspectives on an Old Theme.”

TOPIC: 2016.   “Discuss the amount of fluoride contained in the toothpastes in widespread use for children in Australia and New Zealand. What are the differences in the minimum fluoride concentrations of these toothpastes between the two countries for different age groups and how have these changed over time? What are considered to be the net benefits in increasing fluoride concentration in toothpaste used for younger children?”

TOPIC: 2017. Over the last decade, endodontic treatment has changed significantly with access to technologies including NiTi files, reciprocating motors and advanced obturation techniques and materials. Discuss the application of this advance to primary dentition endodontics, indications and contra indications and alternate treatment modalities.

Louise Brearley Messer ANZSPD Post-graduate Essay Competition

TOPIC: 2014. “Discuss the management of the oral biofilm in paediatric dental patients.”

TOPIC: 2015. “Discuss tooth coloured crowns in the primary dentition: Developments, improvements and limitations.”

TOPIC: 2016. “Over the last five years there has been increasing awareness of the role of the labial and lingual frenulae on a neonate’s attachment and efficiency during nursing. Discuss the oral physiology of a baby nursing, factors that can decrease a baby’s ability to nurse efficiently and problems these cause. Also discuss management options and the possible relation between poor nursing efficacy and the risk of early childhood caries.”

TOPIC: 2017. Over the last decade, endodontic treatment has changed significantly with access to technologies including NiTi files, reciprocating motors and advanced obturation techniques and materials. Discuss the application of this advance to primary dentition endodontics, indications and contra indications and alternate treatment modalities.


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The ANZSPD Alistair Devlin Memorial Grant

At the ANZSPD Federal Council meeting in Melbourne in February 2014, it was decided that the existing ANZSPD Grant be renamed The ANZSPD Alistair Devlin Memorial Grant in honour of Alistair’s memory and to acknowledge his most significant contribution  to the society.  

One grant per year will be provided to the value of AUD $2000 with eligibility restricted to current Full Members of ANZSPD (Inc.)

The grant is available for:

  • An oral health initiative in Australia or New Zealand which may be an educational resource or a broad community initiative
  • A community research project directly related to child oral health
  • Support for an oral health project in Asia, Oceania or the Pacific which might be for materials, instruments, books for a school, etc.

Applications are now being called for the inaugural ANZSPD Alistair Devlin Memorial Grant. 

Applications should be submitted electronically to the Federal Secretary ANZSPD (Inc.) at Federal Secretary, by Friday 29th September 2017.

Federal Council will then adjudicate.

The successful applicant will be required to provide a report to the Federal Council, suitable for publication in the Society’s newsletter, Synopses, by the end of 2018.

The Federal Council may choose not to award a grant in the event of there being no suitable applications.


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ANZSPD-Colgate Postgraduate Research Award


The award was set up in 1993. Postgraduate Students who are currently enrolled in a Masters Degree, Doctorate of Clinical Dentistry (or equivalent) or Ph.D. programme at a university in Australia or New Zealand or who have completed one of these programmes since the last ANZSPD Federal Convention, may enter for the award to be judged on an oral presentation at the ANZSPD Federal Convention.  The research must be completed for presentation and must be related to Paediatric Dentistry.

The Award

The award consists of support from Colgate Oral Care to attend an international paediatric dentistry meeting as determined by the Federal Council of ANZSPD.  The award will comprise of a return economy class airfare and a AU $500.00 cash prize to assist in the payment of registration and accommodation.


  1. The judging panel retains the right to withhold the award for any reason
  2. No correspondence into the award judging will be entered into
  3. Award winners must be willing to present their research (as an oral presentation) at an international meeting and acknowledge the support of Colgate Oral Care
  4. All participants must be prepared to have the abstract of their presentation published in Synopses

The Judges

  1. The judging panel shall be:
  2. A representation from Colgate Oral Care
  3. The ANZSPD Federal Convention Colgate Visiting Lecturer
  4. A member of the ANZSPD with specialist registration as determined by the Federal Council

Members of ANZSPD who have had some supervisory role in any of the research being presented shall be exempt from the judging panel.

Proposed Judging Criteria

The criteria used to determine the recipient of the award shall be:

Abstract   10%
PresentationOrganisation of material  10%
 Quality of audio-visual material  10%
 Manner of presentation  10%
 Answering of questions  10%
ResearchMethology/protocol  10%
 Interpretation/statistics  10%
 Conclusions  10%
ValueValue of research to Paediatric Dentistry  20%
Total  100%



Applications for the award must be made at least three calendar months prior to the ANZSPD Federal Convention.  Applications are to be to the Federal Secretary of ANZSPD.  Applications must be accompanied by a supporting letter from the supervisor of the applicant to ensure compliance with the Award Protocol.  Nominations will only be accepted when accompanied by an abstract.  The abstract should be structured and include the following sections:  Objectives, Design, Setting (where relevant), Sample and Methods (where relevant), Results and Conclusions.  The abstract should not exceed 300 words.

Abstracts will be provided to the judges prior to the meeting where possible, and if the abstract does not comply, the applicant shall be given the opportunity to rewrite the abstract.  If the abstract still does not comply, the applicant may be excluded.


A Chairperson will be appointed by Federal Council.  This person shall meet with the judges and then with the applicants prior to the presentations.  The purpose of these meetings will be to confirm the rules which will apply for the presentations.

Presentation Rules

The order of presenting will be determined by a draw from a hat, to be conducted by the Chairperson.  Presentations will be of 10 minutes duration, with a bell sounding at this time and also 2 minutes before this time (ie at 8 minutes).  Presentations will be followed by a 5 minute question period, with the judges having first right of question, followed by questions from the floor.

Previous Applicants

No previous applicant will be eligible to compete again.


Rules issued August 1995
Amended February 2002
Amended September 2003
Amended June 2015


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ANZSPD SA Branch Research Scholarship 2017

The Australian and New Zealand Society of Paediatric Dentistry SA Branch Research Scholarship aims to provide opportunity for local specialists, dentists, dental auxiliary sta and students to further develop their knowledge and skills in the eld of paediatric dentistry. It is aimed to support community projects and volunteer dental work that will provide services for communities in need. The knowledge and experience gained by scholarship winners will be shared among members at the completion of the project in the form of a report written according to a template and submitted to the Executive Committee and a 10–15 minute oral presentation at the nal annual dinner meeting (October 2018). The scholarship value is $1500 and will be awarded annually provided that the ANZSPD SA Branch is in a favourable nancial position to be awarding the scholarship and a suitable application is received. Both of these requirements are assessed and approved by the Executive Committee on an annual basis. Submissions for the scholarship are open from the 1 March 2017 and close on 1 May 2017. The successful applicant will be announced by the Executive Committee by 1 July 2017. The project must be completed (funds utilised) by 30 June 2018 the following year. Applications must be received electronically in the form of a PDF or word document by the 1 May 2017 to be eligible for consideration. The email address for submissions is

If you have any questions regarding the application, please contact the ANZSPD SA Branch Vice President  Dr Gabrielle Allen.

Section 1.0 Eligibility.

To be eligible for the ANZSPD SA Branch scholarship you must meet each of the following criteria.

  • Are you a current member of the ANZSPD SA Branch?
  • Are you a practicing Paediatric Dentist, Dentist, Dental Therapist or enrolled as a full time Dental Student that at the completion of your current degree will graduate with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery or Bachelor of Oral Health degree?
  • Have you completed and attached the ‘Project Summary’ Appendix?
  • If a full time student, have you attached an authorised copy of your academic transcript?

Section 2.0 Applicant Contact Details and Academic Biography

  • Primary Contact Details
    • Full name:
    • Contact address:
    • Email:
    • Phone/mobile:
    • Principal place of practice:
    • Qualifications:
    • University:
    • Year of study if current full time student:
    • Academic biography (100 word limit)
  • Details of Additional Members of the Research Team
    • Full name:
    • Quali cations:
    • University:
    • Year of study if current full time student:
    • Academic biography (100 word limit)

Section 3.0 Project Information

  • Project title:
  • Project address:
  • Project start date:
  • Project end date:
  • (note: project must be finished by June 30 2018)
  • Is this a new project? YES/NO
  • Is this a continuing project? YES/NO
  • Does this project require ethical approval from an associated University or Health Network? YES/NO

Section 4.0 Project Summary

Please include a project summary as an appendix to this form (maximum of 2000 words typed in size 10–12 point size typed in Times New Roman or Arial) that addresses the following points. Note Section A is relevant to research projects and Section B to a professional development activity.

    • Project title
    • Background
    • Description of the project in lay terms (100 words)
    • Hypothesis
    • Aims
    • Population
    • Methodology
    • Importance/relevance of the project to ANZSPD members
    • Brief itemised budget of how the funds will be utilised
    • Details of ethical approval as required/appropriate for the project
    • Description of activity
    • Background research
    • Intended outcomes of activity/personal professional development goals of activity
    • Provide a bio describing the volunteer project/centre/ lecturer/supervisor that is involved
    • Importance/relevance of the activity to ANZSPD members
    • Brief itemised budget of how the funds will be utilised
    • Details of ethical approval as required/appropriate for the activity

Section 5.0 Selection Criteria

The Executive Committee will review and evaluate each of the applications using the following unweighted criteria:

  • 5.1 Significance. The extent to which the application meets the Project Summary criteria and o ers an original approach to improving the applicants’ knowledge and skills in the area of paediatric dentistry and the signi cance of this advancement to the ANZSPD SA members.
  • 5.2 Outcome Measure. The extent to which the application sets specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time appropriate outcome measures.
  • 5.3 Feasibility. The extent to which the application demonstrates logical and sound planning processes for implementing the project and follows a timeline with appropriate goals and outcomes. Additionally, the extent to which the project indicates long term sustainability or improvement once the scholarship is completed.

Section 6.0. Reporting Requirements of Scholarship Winners

If you are successful in receiving the ANZSPD SA Branch Scholarship you will be required to report on the successful completion of your project/activity by July 1st 2018. The Executive Committee will be in touch with the successful applicant and provide a Reporting Template Form that is required to be completed and returned. A 10–15 minute oral presentation is also required to report on the project’s success to members at the final annual dinner meeting.

Note: More than one application per professional will be accepted provided that each application shows merit and is not considered to be a duplicate. Only the requested information will be accepted, any additional material, photos, videos etc. will be discarded and not returned.

Current members of the Executive Committee may apply for the scholarship but must not be involved in any aspect of the review process. The Federal ANZSPD member or any other member of the General Committee can replace the Executive Committee Member(s) as required on the selection panel as required in these circumstances.


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